Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I keep flip-flopping on which blog to teach, so I started writing step-by-step directions down. LJ is looking better for community-oriented types; no HTML to add links to friends, and joining communities is easier. Changing journal appearance is complicated, however, and the choices are narrow. The menu bar is awkward and getting places takes multiple steps.

Blogger is prettier and easier to use for individual purposes, but is not so good in the community department. Having to add links with HTML only works if the user knows how, and I don't fancy teaching something I barely understand to folks with negative familiarity. Entry management is easier than LJ; the Edit Posts list works much better than going to each entry in an archive. Dashboard is pretty self-explanatory.

I asked my supervisor about floating a questionnaire out to our Internet users to gauge interest and help decide what audience we'd be teaching to. Teens know HTML and Blogger would probably be a sexier choice for them; it's the older patrons I'm wondering about.

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